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The hidden gems within AIRA Residence

Previously we have looked at how your home at AIRA Residence can be an extension of your social life, and today we will explore some unique features around AIRA Residence.

The Wellness Centre

AIRA Residence is a home that integrates amenities designed to support your wellness and well-being. Residents will enjoy exteriors and common areas that are beautifully designed for private functions, wellness endeavours or just relaxing in privacy.

Fostering a sense of tranquillity and serenity at AIRA Residence is The Wellness Centre.

The Wellness Centre is a private area where you can call upon your personal masseuse and indulge in a spa experience within a private space completed with the necessary amenities. Hidden near the walkway which takes you to AIRA Residence’s gym (The Powerhouse), The Wellness Centre is a place to leave your daily pressures and stress behind.

The Coterie

The Coterie is a function venue exclusive for residents that is perfect for you to host meetings, exclusive events and engagement ceremonies outside of your home.

This beautifully bright location provides an elegant backdrop where you can engage your own event planner to decorate the space according to your needs.

The Children’s Playground

For families moving into AIRA Residence, you will find a comfortable playground for your children that is equipped for a day of fun in the sun. It is a perfect play area for your children to come together to enjoy the outdoors whilst being safely located within the grounds of Tower B.

Beyond being a recreational area, The Children’s Playground also features an educational installation partly hidden within the landscape.

The installation will tempt adults and children to interact with the installation to uncover the hidden meaning behind this work of art.

These amenities showcase a comprehensive suite of common areas designed for a lifestyle of comfortable elegance. Experience the art of luxury living at AIRA Residence, contact 03 2727 7474 or visit

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