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Create a Lasting First Impression at AIRA Residence

Going above and beyond the concept of a home being four walls and a roof, AIRA Residence is one living space that stands to dazzle even the most discerning of individuals. Beginning with its location in the coveted area of Damansara Heights, AIRA symbolises the height of resort-style living, thanks to its low density, lush and exclusive common areas, curated landscaping, and spacious units. However, it is not only its opulent amenities and lavish spaces that sets AIRA Residence apart; it is a place that also serves a sanctuary for both the body and the soul, where a person’s individuality is not just acknowledged, but celebrated.

Verily, AIRA Residence has several key features that make it an exceptional place to live, with the first of its advantages being its proximity to the city centre; the condominium is located just 7 kilometres away from downtown Kuala Lumpur. While the condominium serves as a mini-escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, it also has spectacular views of the city skyline, Mont Kiara and Petaling Jaya. For many apartment-living Malaysians, they may only get a view of one of the skyscrapers that mark the urban sprawl of KL, but at AIRA, residents are treated to a panorama – as KL Tower, KLCC, TRX, and PNB118 – are all within sight from their balconies. Additionally, a natural breeze constantly flows due to the cross ventilation between the buildings and within each apartment space, providing fresh air and the chance to relax after a busy day. Thus, this is one dwelling that has been able to create a harmonious blend between a peaceful lifestyle and urban connectivity, allowing residents to retreat to their tranquil homes while still being able to easily access the energy and opportunities of a busy urban life.

Of course, one cannot dismiss the fact that AIRA Residence also provides homes that truly encapsulate the concept of a luxurious life. Seamlessly blending Western design with Asian functionality the living portion of each home offers an open-plan living and dining area that connect to evoke feelings of comfort, spaciousness, and intimacy, while the balcony that is waiting just outside the sliding doors offers residents a serene and calm place to start and end their days.

Moving into the more private areas of the unit, the master bedroom in particular catches the eye, with ample space for a king sized bed, a nursing area for young parents, and plenty of room for a chaise lounge or even a sofa. Lovers of fashion will also delight in the master room’s magnificent walk-in wardrobe which truly serves as the “wow” factor in this space. With the provisions of just the right amount of drawers, closets, and other organisational furniture this is both a functional and essential part of the room that is assuredly the epitome of comfortable and sophisticated living.

From its serene grounds to its awe-inspiring views, its meticulously-crafted interiors and its position as a place that strikes a balance between a busy and a peaceful life, AIRA Residence cannot be defined as simply being a home. It is a place that leaves a lasting impression – an experience of grandeur and tranquillity that sits at the hilltop of one of Kuala Lumpur’s most exclusive neighbourhoods.

For an exclusive viewing of AIRA Residence’s show units, contact 03 2727 7474.

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