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Live to the fullest at AIRA Residence

A home is not just a private dwelling. It can also be an extension of your social life. At AIRA Residence, your life is made more complete with an exclusive collection of 12 curated indoor and outdoor common areas.

They are all homogeneously blended into the development’s built and landscaped architecture, evoking a sense of oneness in your home. Whether you are looking for a place to host a business meeting or a place to exercise, meditate or celebrate with friends or family, AIRA Residence offers a comprehensive suite of common areas to suit your desires.

Tower A

From the moment you enter from AIRA Residence’s port cochere, you will find the Tower A lobby.

You will immediately be drawn by The Green, a carefully manicured outdoor lawn where you can enjoy a mid-day lounge under the cover of the pergola. Here you will be able to take advantage of AIRA Residence’s hilltop location to enjoy the view of the Kuala Lumpur city skyline.

Inside, take advantage of the private lounges if you are looking for a spot to catch up on a bit of work or if you need to host a meeting outside the confines of your home. Refined and wonderfully lit, experience calm and serenity to go about your work day without leaving AIRA Residence.

In the southern part of AIRA Residence is the Tranquillity Garden.

As you turn the corner of Tower A and walk into the Tranquillity Garden, you will immediately feel a sense of serenity. It is a quiet perch with two comfortable pavilions for you to take in the natural flora whilst listening to the beautiful sounds of the water feature.

Wellness Centre and The Powerhouse

As you walk out of the Tower A lobby, the two residential blocks at AIRA Residence are connected by covered walkways and built-in landscaped gardens with water features. Not only are you sheltered from the elements as you move between each tower of AIRA Residence, but you will also feel one with the lush landscaping. Your senses will be softly stimulated by the sound of running water, the bustle of the leaves being blown by the wind, and delightful pops of colour amongst the greens.

In the northern corner of Tower A is where you will find the Wellness Centre and The Powerhouse. Wellness is a feature of living at AIRA Residence and these spaces bring that to life. The Wellness Centre allows you to call upon a private masseuse so you can enjoy an afternoon of rest and rejuvenation without venturing beyond your home at AIRA Residence. The Powerhouse on the other hand is for your invigorating workouts, be it at the start of your morning or to close your day. Bring your own personal trainer to keep you on track with your fitness goals.

If you are looking for a refreshing dip, AIRA Residence’s infinity pool is the perfect location.

Every time you step into the swimming pool, your swimming experience is enhanced by the panoramic view of the Kuala Lumpur city skyline. Sink into the sun loungers under the pergolas or the sunken spa beds in the infinity pool whilst taking in the serenity of the terrace garden, a perfect perch to read as you while the day away.

The Coterie

AIRA Residence also hosts a sizeable function space in The Coterie. Whether it’s a birthday party or a private engagement ceremony, The Coterie is the perfect space to make your special occasion.

Tower B

Tower B also has no shortage of green spaces for you to enjoy. Nestled in the northern part of AIRA Residence, outside the Tower B lobby is the Fragrance Garden. Here you can test your chess skills with a functional art installation.

As you enter the Tower B lobby, you will immediately feel the definition of the art of luxury living.

Furnished with plush lounge sofas and dressed with carefully conceptualised art pieces, it is a lounge for all residents to enjoy.

If you are in the mood for game night, bring along your favourite board games or enjoy a game of pool at The Offside Lounge, a private recreational space for residents. It hosts an air of nostalgia as it features the artwork of some of Malaysia’s legendary sportsmen and women.

At the highest level of Tower B is The View Lounge, a relaxing spot for you to enjoy the unimpeded views of the city skyline. Sun loungers feature throughout this rooftop perch, a perfect hideaway to gather your thoughts or to take in the beautiful golden hour.

It is perfectly equipped for yoga, barbeque or just a fun evening with friends.

Living in AIRA Residence is not just about just living at home. It is a tranquil antidote to city life with natural landscapes, done with a balance of comfort and elegance, incorporated into the curation of each common area. There is a sense of uninterrupted transition to the wraparound gardens with inviting terraces and wellness amenities that harness nature with style and elegance, creating an epicentre of rejuvenating experiences for each residence.

It comes together to perfect the art of luxury living. Experience it yourself by calling 03 2727 7474 or by visiting

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