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The design philosophy for AIRA Residence was to achieve a seamless integration of architecture and landscape and a harmonious blend of western interior design with understandings of the Asian way of life and its functional requirements. 

AIRA’s interior design meticulously sought to achieve the right spatial distribution – every space has been carefully planned to optimise its proportions whilst offering flexible layout options. We may have created the ultimate in timeless home living.

AIRA Spaces

AIRA Residence offers its residents and their guests a transitory journey of spatial experiences that interplay the natural with the built elements of the development. 

You’ll find every step of the journey from the grand porte-cochere entrance, to the ethereal and breath-taking panoramas and the lushly landscaped gardens and walkways, to be sensually immersive. 

Click on any of the spaces below to view more.

Tower A

Tower B



Common Areas

The Gardens


An Overview

1. Tranquility Garden
2. The Green
3. Biotic Ponds
4. AIRA Residence Lounge
5. Power House
9. Children's Playground
6. Wellness Centre
7.  Infinity Pool
8. The Coterie
10. Plaza Deck
11. Fragrance Garden
13. Offside Lounge
12. View Lounge (Level 17)

Tranquility Garden

The Green

Power House

Wellness Centre

Plaza Deck

Infinity Pool

Children's Playground

View Lounge

Offside Lounge

Fragrance  Garden

AIRA Residence Lounge

The Coterie

Surau Men & Women

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