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Where European Design Meets Asian Functionality

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

AIRA Residence is the crown jewel in the Selangor Properties’ portfolio, carrying the highly sought-after Damansara Heights address of No. 8, Jalan Batai. The two towers of this luxury condominium stand tall on the hilltop giving it unimpeded views of the city skyline.

This exclusive residence encapsulates a harmonious blend of European design and Asian functionality which distinguishes itself from other luxurious residences. With meticulous attention to detail and the finest of finishes, homeowners will find a level of exclusivity and refinement never before seen in Malaysia.

In each artfully composed home, you will find open floor plans, a feature of Asian living. The openness allows one room to flow seamlessly into the next, demonstrating a sense of continuity in the space. The openness is complemented by European design which emphasises clean spatial arrangements, all carefully crafted by Studio Piet Boon.

The living space in the luxurious AIRA Residence condominium is curated accordingly, an embodiment of functionality and a personification of a luxurious home in the sky. The spaces are never too big or too small, and convey a sense of warmth, illustrating the “art of luxury living”.

Your home starts in the gallery, the heartbeat and connector to the rest of the living areas. The gallery is a feature not seen in other residences, adding to the exclusivity of your home. Add your finishing touches by displaying family memorabilia and your collection of art or antiquities.

Journeying through your home, floor-to-ceiling windows are featured in the common living areas. The morning sun elegantly gleams through to accentuate the spaciousness of each living area.

Your home in the sky at AIRA Residence also features a dry kitchen of 392 square feet and a wet kitchen of 150 square feet, important features of Asian functionality and the communal way of life.

The spacious dry kitchen is not only an area for meal preparation, it creates an alternative location for casual gatherings of friends and family. The kitchen island is a perfect setting to prepare easy breakfasts and the extended table is suitable for cosy brunches on Sunday mornings.

The wet kitchen, parallel in location to the dry kitchen, serves to meet the most demanding of Asian cooking. For example, the use of marble as a backsplash does not only serve as a luxury aesthetic feature but also makes for easy maintenance.

For the final touches, high-quality fittings and materials were carefully selected, adding to luxury living at AIRA Residence. Timber flooring is used in the communal living areas and bedrooms, while marble flooring is featured in the gallery, kitchens and bathrooms in consideration of the function of the space.

The colour palettes used throughout the home complement the functionality of the space, highlighting the identity of the living areas whilst coming together beautifully.

Muted contrasts appear in light and strong colours in different ways throughout the space, the dark tones of timber contrasted against the soft tones of the walls evoke a sense of elegance in this luxury condominium.

The design elements come together in a perfect blend to complete the luxury experience which is AIRA Residence. The prestigious No. 8, Jalan Batai address in Damansara Heights is suited for those from all walks of life who have a keen eye and appreciation for quality. It is undoubtedly a home in the sky for those who want to immerse themselves in the art of luxury living.

Experience AIRA Residence today, contact 03 2727 7474 or visit

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