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Wellness is the new heart of living

We are always in the throws of life, caught up in the hustle and bustle of work and commute. We long for nothing more than a retreat from the hecticness of our daily life and often, our home is the sanctuary that we return to.

But it is no longer enough to view your home as just a place of peace - your home must be designed mindfully to dampen stress, foster fulfilment, support daily habits that encourage overall well-being and promote familial and communal interactions that will result in happier, healthier people. To achieve this, your home must be designed to complement your overall wellness.

Wellness has become a way of life, permeating into the very essence of living. We seek a sanctuary to take some of that pressure from living in the modern world, rife with constant communication. Wellness is no longer a three-day visit to the gym. It is a lifestyle in pursuit of attaining physical and mental health growth.

Presently, at the prestigious hilltop No.8, Jalan Batai address of Damansara Heights is a private luxury condominium where your life of wellness can take shape.

When designing AIRA Residence the experts wanted to encapsulate “the art of luxury living”. But it went beyond the architecture to attain that essence - it was to create a luxury residence unlike any other.

Luxury living also lies in improving the homeowner’s well-being with thoughtfully designed social areas within the building. To begin, AIRA Residence is surrounded by a lushly foliaged neighbourhood, a haven of peace and solitude. The elevated location allows homeowners to experience quiet and tranquillity while being just a stone’s throw away from the Kuala Lumpur city centre.

Within AIRA Residence, you will find a luxury condominium with seamless integration of architecture and landscape. The entire landscape design is driven by a concept that calls for simplicity and tranquillity, a quiet sophistication that will make AIRA Residence your private sanctuary.

Further enriching your living experience is the curation of common living spaces, all to suit your desires. Whether you’re looking for a place to exercise, host a business meeting, meditate, or celebrate with friends or family, AIRA Residence offers a comprehensive suite of common areas to suit your needs.

These spaces give back to the residents by providing a home that fosters growth, both in mind and body. Your luxury home at AIRA Residence will grow alongside you. It becomes richer as your emotions and memories accumulate.

Experience the art of luxury living at AIRA Residence and give us a call at 03 2727 7474 or visit for more information.

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