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The Making of AIRA Residence

As the crown jewel of Selangor Properties’ portfolio, AIRA Residence had been waiting to be developed for over 40 years. As the right time emerged the project became underway with the sole intent of crafting a luxurious home to complement the No. 8, Jalan Batai address that it occupies. With only 169 beautifully designed units, it is a rare development and unmatched in its stature.

Careful thought and deliberate planning produced this beautiful and exclusive condominium in Kuala Lumpur. No detail was left to spare as the development went forth and international teams were sought to reflect “The Art of Luxury Living” at AIRA Residence.


AIRA Residence is seen as a creatively functional form of art that seeks to complement the lives of all that live within. Potential homeowners will fast discover AIRA Residence’s understated luxury captured through beautifully orchestrated interiors and exteriors made with high-quality materials and finishes.

Homeowners can relish in the common areas designed for AIRA Residence from the serene Tranquillity Garden, the manicured Fragrance Garden, the lounges in Tower A and B, The Wellness Centre, a gym aptly named The Powerhouse, the infinity pool, The Coterie, a space dedicated to games called The Offside Lounge, The View Lounge and a children’s playground. These spaces speak of Selangor Properties' want of creating spaces for all to enjoy.

Further adding to “The Art of Luxury Living” at AIRA Residence are the detailed interior design and artwork curation seen throughout the property. The Wen family (the founders of Selangor Properties) are passionate about art and it is clear that this was a firm point in the briefs to all parties that were involved in bringing AIRA Residence to life.

Residents will quickly find a collection of artworks within the common areas that speak of harmony and understated luxury. It is a display of AIRA Residence’s essence and seeks to emphasise being in a home that allows you to create a deeper connection to your surroundings and with your emotions.

The homes within AIRA Residence range from 1,894 square feet to 1,927 square feet in Tower B and from 2,679 square feet to 7,730 square feet in Tower A, suited to any lifestyle. The northern orientation of the two residential towers in AIRA Residence is advantageous to homeowners, creating a flow-through of natural ventilation from east to west but what is most evident are the well-designed layouts with the meticulous attention to detail to provide luxurious homes for homeowners

AIRA Residence undoubtedly fits perfectly into the prestigious Damansara Heights neighbourhood and reflects the stature of the No. 8, Jalan Batai address and is an exclusive condominium unlike any other.

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