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Taking the “Urban Journey” with Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina

There is an art to sophisticated and luxurious living in a city as busy as Kuala Lumpur, and at AIRA Residence, Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina has discovered the carefully crafted living space known as the “Urban Journey” which embodies this concept.

By merely stepping into this space, Tiara is immediately greeted by a refined interior, which features contemporary touches and elegant accents. Inspired by the Kuala Lumpur skyline, the urban forms and graceful fittings of the Urban Journey show unit brings an everlasting feel of glamour and luxe to the viewer, one that reflects the lavish lifestyle of city living.

Each detail of the show unit is meticulously thought out: the walls give off a luminous shine and sparkle thanks to the champagne wall inlays and various jewel tones, while the grey wooden oak flooring ties the entire Urban Journey together. These elements, combined with bronze metals and warm tones in the fabrics and textures of every room give the entire home an opulent look; and yet, the vibe is one of subtle glamour rather than showy glitz. The furniture throughout this show unit also adds its own touch of class to this living space, with sleek lines that serve to soften the colours and lights of the interior.

As per its name, the Urban Journey living space is designed with a city-based lifestyle in mind, yet it exudes a sense of being at home. This is emphasised further as Tiara ventures into the kitchen, which is seamlessly connected to the dining and living rooms. Featuring both a dry and wet kitchen for every cooking need, this bright space has sleek lines and built-in appliances. The open concept also gives credence to the idea of getting together with loved ones and friends to enjoy culinary delights, and gives off a warm and welcoming vibe.

Tiara enters the living room next, an area that again showcases the diligent craftsmanship of every inch of this show unit. This space sits on a sunken level in the middle of the apartment, providing floor to ceiling room for more room to relax. Muted jewel tones and sleek profiles invite a person to rest, relax, and socialise. It also serves as a great place to entertain guests with a lush and comfortable couch, scenic views, and natural lighting and ventilation, as well as a TV that is displayed on what looks like a stone wall.

For a breath of fresh air, Tiara steps out onto the balcony, which offers a unique sense of being connected with the outside world. At this point, a person can soak in the immersive views while listening to the humdrum of urban life in the city, and yet still feel removed from the various stressors of the day.

Returning inside, visitors to this show unit, like Tiara, will observe that a defining feature of this home is the layout, which boasts corridors that turn into different corners and somehow magically creates pockets of space that each individual and their family can re-imagine to suit their needs. In this apartment, a serene guest bedroom for visiting friends and family is offered, while another room becomes a cinema to watch movies and football games in. Additionally, a small utility room serves as a multi-purpose space that can be converted into a helper’s room for those who have a helping hand in the house.

Another highlight of this show unit is the master bedroom, which Tiara tours with delight, marvelling at the lavish bedding and calm mood that the space exudes. The clean and sleek lines present throughout the rest of the apartment are present here too, and invites a person to sink into the sheets for a good night’s rest. Equally entrancing is the en-suite walk-in closet that has enough space to house the clothes of any discerning fashionista, and the bathroom, which – aside from being outfitted with the latest fixtures – also features a rain shower with a view of KLCC. It is the perfect spot for spending some contemplative alone time as the worries of the day are washed away.

In finishing her tour of the home, Tiara notes that while the Urban Journey unit has a bit more of a masculine feel to its interior, it is nevertheless a cosy and luxurious enclave that manages to whisk an individual away from the hustle and bustle of city life, while also lending a sophisticated and classy vibe to each and every day spent within its walls. While a person may have a busy routine to attend to, this home invites them to take a step back and truly enjoy the urban journey.

For an exclusive viewing of the show unit, contact 03 2727 7474.

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