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Make the most of your home in AIRA Residence

Just as your home is your place of rest, it can also become an extension of your day-to-day ongoings. After two seemingly endless years of various forms of lockdowns, we undoubtedly view the functionality of our homes in different ways. It is our world on earth: a school, restaurant, office, gym, theatre, and even an at-home disco. No inch is left unused, and we have developed a new-found appreciation for all the facets of the home.

At AIRA Residence, the expansive floorplans of the Tower A and Tower B homes provide you with the perfect canvas to make the most of your private enclave. With floorplans that blur the line between private living and communal living, unlike other condominiums in Kuala Lumpur, you will feel right at home.

In the Tower B home, Marco Van Ham emphasises that its strongest feature is the general infrastructure. As an existing building from the 1970s, AIRA Residence created homes that take advantage of the surrounding views of the Damansara Heights neighbourhood and designed an intimate yet open floor plan that seamlessly integrates connectivity and private living.

Take advantage of the open floor plan to curate your own at-home dinner soiree. The open kitchen with kitchen island allows you to prepare dishes and seamlessly serve your guests with a makeshift buffet area. The built-in De Dietrich kitchen appliances are ideal for conserving space whilst having the best output. The use of the retractable exhaust fan works perfectly in the kitchen island.

Dress up your dining room for intimate soirees and celebrations.

Besides the open floor plan, Marco Van Ham of Designstudio MVH quips that the Tower B home bears a similar resemblance to the Dutch canal homes. The architectural layout creates a long hallway that connects the communal living space and turns into different pockets of space within the home that will leave you wondering what you can do with the space. For the cinephile, take advantage of the extra rooms and convert it into your own home cinema.

An intimate space for a night of movies.

For those with a dedicated vinyl collection, the space can also be converted into a listening room dedicated to resetting your mood, quelling anxiety, or simply getting lost in an atmosphere of sound. Minimise sound reflection with rugs, window treatments and shelves of records.

The Tower B homes are exemplary of a comfortable abode for the homeowner, a place to unwind, work or enjoy the company of friends and family. Make it your own, contact 03 2727 7474 for an exclusive viewing of the homes at AIRA Residence.

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