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Interior design with Marco Van Ham

A rejuvenated mind, body and soul makes for a transformative experience, and it all begins at home. As a private dwelling, AIRA Residence is a luxury condominium that provides beautifully designed and well-thought homes which are the starting point for its residents’ holistic well-being to support a luxurious and urban lifestyle. Expansive floor plans ranging from 1,894 sq ft to 7,730 sq ft allow you to fill your home with your own personal touch.

Filling your home with artwork

Your character should shine when crafting the interiors of your home. The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we view our homes. It is no longer a place that we return to at the end of a day at work - our homes become a place where we spend most of our time.

Take advantage of the living spaces in AIRA Residence’s home to create a sanctuary that reflects your personality and character.

(Left: Type B, Tower A; Right: Type G, Tower B)

Homeowners have now become curators, filling their homes with treasured artwork and antiquities that are a reflection of their personal style and character. These personal items make a difference and give more identity to your home or private space.

A sense of openness

A distinctive feature of the homes at AIRA Residence is its expansive floor plans which create clean sightlines that are enhanced by floor-to-ceiling windows bringing in natural light and views of the Kuala Lumpur skyline and the neighboring Petaling Jaya and Mont Kiara suburbs.

The Tower A units feature full-length windows throughout the living areas, creating brightness and openness in the home.

To enhance the openness, Marco Van Ham of Designstudio MVH advises homeowners to add feature walls with indirect lights that can add a sense of warmth throughout the space. Another way in which homeowners can enhance the sense of openness is by using carpets as islands within the home.

Less can be more

Homeowners shouldn’t get too excited when beginning their own home interior design project. Fundamentally, less is more. “A design can be overdone when you just never stop,” says Marco.

(The Tropical Jewel show unit of AIRA Residence)

Incorporating different materials, textures and shapes can bring out the overall beauty of your home.

At the commencement of your interior design journey, think about proportion and balance. Consider how different furnishings and finishings can add more to your home. Treasured art and antiquities are beautiful accessories which can reflect your character and complement a room’s overall look and design.

The longevity of furniture and decoration pieces is key. While some items and materials may be beautiful in appearance, they may not withstand tropical weather and may not be durable for long periods of time. A balance is needed between aesthetics and functionality.

Ultimately, be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like will ever go out of style. The essence of interior design will always be about how you will live in your home. Discover how the homes at AIRA Residence are an extension of your luxurious lifestyle, contact 03 2727 7474.

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