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Inside the Tropical Jewel with Designstudio MVH

A home is a place that you return to – where you relax and feel comfortable, a place where you are able to energise yourself for the days to come.

This is the starting point for the newly designed Tropical Jewel show unit, crafted by Designstudio MVH with Marco Van Ham at its helm.

Marco Van Ham has been designing interiors for 25 years, with a diverse portfolio under his belt designing; private residences, condominium common areas, hotels, private jets and yachts. Marco brings his experience to AIRA Residence with four newly designed show units which will be unveiled over the upcoming months.

We begin with Tropical Jewel, a design concept that embodies a space that is alive and vibrant, yet sophisticated in its approach. Through materiality and palette, the spaces tell a story of a tropical journey that references nature’s beauty in every element of the room, from the furnishings to finishings inspired by Malaysian heritage.

Designstudio MVH takes inspiration from AIRA Residence’s location at the hilltop of No. 8, Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights and its surroundings.

Being in the prestigious Damansara Heights neighbourhood, AIRA is a private residence close to nature, yet still close in vicinity to the Kuala Lumpur city centre. The overall design is an encapsulation of understated luxury and sophistication which is rich in its details.

The Tropical Jewel home is a reflection of the beauty of AIRA Residence, a home that coexists with the natural environment and is considerate of the homeowners’ lifestyle.

The layouts of the Tower B homes bathe the space in natural light, creating a wonderfully lit space that is comfortable as it is energising.

For Marco, the most interesting aspect of the Tower B homes is the 1970s open floor plan that complements the existing structure of Tower B, unusually seen in other condominiums in Kuala Lumpur.

The openness of the common living areas allows interaction between the living room, dining room and kitchen where homeowners can prepare and enjoy meals together and reflect on the day that they’ve had.

Comfortably sized bedrooms are convertible to the homeowners’ needs.

Great emphasis is placed on creating comfortable private spaces within the Tropical Jewel show unit. Earthy tones are used to infuse a sense of homeliness. Shapes and textures inspired by nature are replicated throughout, bringing the dweller close to nature. The design in the Tropical Jewel show unit goes away from connecting with nature through framed views but implements connection through touch and the overall feel.

The materials used find roots in Malaysian heritage and techniques. Organic forms of nature extracted from the shapes of tropical flowers and plants are redesigned into the patterns of the carpets and the forms of the furniture. Textures found in the forest, such as wood and rattan are used to bring nature even closer to the homeowner. A sense of warmth and vibrancy is immediately felt, creating an atmosphere that is filled with energy, life and vitality.

The Tropical Jewel highlights the versatility of the Tower B homes and displays a home that is comfortable yet energising to ground residents after a hectic day at work.

For an exclusive viewing of the Tropical Jewel show unit, contact 03 2727 7474.

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