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Inside AIRA Residence with Tiara Jacquelina: A tour of Tower B

Residents of AIRA will enter into a beautifully choreographed lobby by Studio Piet Boon. Crafted with luxury in mind whilst prioritising every resident’s experience, the neutral tones and conceptualised artworks create a warm homey atmosphere where residents are able to mingle with family or simply have a hot cup of coffee while working.

Captivating Tiara Jacquelina is the handsome long wooden table in the lobby, which took over 20 people to carry into the Tower B lounge.

The table provides a delicate and warm appearance to the modern space of the Tower B lounge, definitely inviting to anybody that passes through.

From the lobby, Tiara Jacquelina then makes her way to the Tower B show unit. Each floor is made up of 4 units and every apartment is a corner unit, approximately 1,8942 square feet in size.

As Tiara walks into the Tower B show unit, she is greeted by an open floor concept which has clear sightlines of the entire common living area.

From the entryway, Tiara explores the modern kitchen which overlooks the dining area. The defining feature of this open floor plan allows homeowners to interact with guests while preparing a delicious meal. The modern kitchen is a personification of form that meets function with tidily hidden away built-in kitchen appliances from De Dietrich.

A hidden feature of the kitchen is the rising cooking hood which can be stowed away when you are not cooking. It rises at the touch of a button ensuring that your home will be free from cooking fumes. Space-conscious, this sleek feature makes for an immaculate cooking experience.

Across the open kitchen is the dining room where Tiara imagines spending a lot of time at the table having a cup of coffee and hosting her colleagues for work meetings.

As Tiara moves from the dining room to the living room she remarks that the sunken living room exudes a 1970s feel. The sunken living room provides a feeling of separation between the living spaces without taking away from the visual and physical connectivity to the neighbouring spaces.

The floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate the living area which creates an aesthetically well-lit space. Not only does the window provide light into the space, but it also provides an idyllic view of the city skyline. The living room opens up to the balcony, providing a space for you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

From the common living area, Tiara ventures into the private living spaces of the Tower B unit. The private living spaces are made up of two bedrooms, one of which has maintained its function while the other has been converted into a study. Each of these spaces is customisable to meet the changing needs of young couples who want to begin their life at AIRA Residence.

Like the living room, these two private living areas also feature full-length windows bathing the space with natural light and creating that same sense of openness within your private living space.

Through the hallway, Tiara then makes her way to the master suite.

The master suite is comfortable in size and offers room for residents to settle in at the end of a long day. The light hues create a calm and peaceful atmosphere within your living space. Complete with an en-suite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe, the master suite is a cosy hideaway to spend Sunday mornings in.

At the end of the viewing of the Type G unit, Tiara praises how the living areas have been carefully designed and how the space has been fully utilised to provide a sense of openness and spaciousness. The Tower B unit is indeed a tasteful and well-planned space with the demand for quality in mind.

Undoubtedly these Tower B units are perfect for those who are looking for a home which does not compromise on luxury living. Not only that, for those looking for an attractive investment opportunity in the prestigious address of AIRA Residence, the AIRA ‘Prosperity Investor Package’ offers a guaranteed financial return on a freehold Tower B unit.

For an exclusive viewing, contact the team at AIRA Residence at 03 2727 7474 or visit If you are looking to add to your investment portfolio, inquire about the AIRA ‘Prosperity Investor Package’.

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