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Capturing The Art of Luxury Living

The story of AIRA Residence’s art curation begins with the motif, seen as you walk into the Tower A lobby from AIRA Residence’s port cochere. To explore the story behind the art curation within AIRA Residence, Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina is joined by Nic Proud from RDM Design.

Nic was a key person in the team who helped curate the artwork and bring to life Studio Piet Boon’s interior design direction to life.

They begin their tour of AIRA Residence with the motif, a design central to the overall interiors and artwork curation for AIRA Residence. To accentuate the motif, a beautifully sculpted art piece inspired by Thierry Martenon occupies the Tower A lobby, creating synergy in the interior.

The subtle restraint of AIRA Residence’s understated luxury provides a canvas where the motif can occupy and set the tone for the entire interior design within the common areas. Nic views the art and fixed finishes as having a seamless relationship between the interior and exterior of AIRA Residence

As harmony is integral to the interior design process and the curation of artwork for this exclusive residence, RDM Design uses similar themes throughout the common areas notably by grouping sculptures in threes.

The number three is divine – considered perfect, representing harmony, wisdom and understanding. It also represents time – past, present and future. Beyond a visual effect, it also signifies the different generations of residents in this exclusive residence. The sculptural artworks inspired by Thierry Martenon, Christian Lapie and Martha Sturdy appearing in threes have created a common area which is visually energised.

Another common theme of these artworks is the depiction of movement, whether in sculptural form, painting or wall tapestries, highlighting the ebb and flow of life within AIRA Residence.

In sculptural form, the movement appears in the elegant folds of a ribbon-like bronze installation inspired by Martha Sturdy. In paintings, movement appears as fallen bamboo leaves or as intricate yet repeated lines as seen in the works of Michael Yap and Hyun-sik Kim. The intended effect of these artworks is to attract its viewer, inviting them to pause and just enjoy the artwork within the common areas of this exclusive residence.

The colours used in the artworks around AIRA Residence are also interconnected. You will find artwork in dark tones of brown and variations of turquoise, presented as sculptural art or painted art. The cohesiveness of the curation results in a gentle interplay, bringing out each artwork’s quiet complexities. The curation is supported by the beautiful yet understated luxurious interior design, creating a sumptuous escape for all residents of the exclusive AIRA Residence.

A life that is surrounded by art at AIRA Residence not only emphasises the art of luxury living but also emphasises being in a home which allows you to have a deeper connection to your emotions. This may increase self-awareness and allow you to be more open to new ideas and experiences. The art of luxury living at AIRA Residence is all-encompassing, allowing you to be one with your surroundings and depth with your inner self, surely an unmissable living experience for yourself, your family and your guests.

Experience it for yourself and contact 03 2727 7474.

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