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Bringing to life the art of luxury living

No residence is complete without interior design. It is the soul of each home and encapsulates the personalities of the people that live within it. At AIRA Residence, it is all about “The Art of Luxury Living”.

To speak more of how this statement was brought to life from an interior designer’s perspective, Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina spoke to Claudia Binder, the Creative Director of RDM Design. As the Creative Director, Claudia leads the initial concepts before they are brought to life.

With her insight, she narrates the interior design process for AIRA Residence.

For Claudia, the AIRA Residence project began with a comprehensive brief from her client, Selangor Properties. At AIRA Residence, the interior design speaks to understated luxury with a brief of enhancing the overall palette of the interiors and having a harmonious flow from the outside to the inside through the use of textures and colours.

Careful consideration of material choices and a deliberately thoughtful process of art curation were required to capture the essence of AIRA Residence. When designing interiors, Claudia says “It’s like dressing up for an important event in your most beautiful dress, and your hair is done nicely and the nail varnish matches the lipstick…If you then add the wrong jewellery, you can destroy the whole effort with one single mistake.”

Within AIRA Residence, much of the palette and the mood for the property was led by the motif in the bronze screens and in the windows. This is captured through the use of high-quality materials in muted tones, bringing a comforting feel to the common living areas whilst keeping an overall brightness within the space.

Instrumental to the overall ambience within the common areas is the artwork. The careful curation and selection of art in different forms elevate the interior design further, bringing depth to the space. Similar themes are found in each piece of art with elements intertwined from one piece of art to the next.

Together the artwork tells a story of the interior design and curation process for AIRA Residence.

The cohesiveness of the interior design within the common areas intentionally creates a warm and welcoming mood within AIRA Residence. The curation of artwork adds to the tranquillity of the common areas, creating a calm and sumptuous haven from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Undoubtedly AIRA Residence is an exclusive residence created to represent the art of luxury living at the prestigious No. 8, Jalan Batai hilltop address in Damansara Heights.

For an exclusive showing around AIRA Residence and to discover unique investment opportunities, contact 03 2727 7474.

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