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An Investment Opportunity Unlike Any Other

Damansara Heights is undoubtedly an enduring, elite address. Named one of the best neighbourhood’s to live in, ranked amongst the likes of Borgi San Ferdiano in Florence, Italy and New York’s Sunset Park district, it isn’t hard to deny the allure of Damansara Heights.

One of the defining characteristics of the Damansara Heights neighbourhood is its proximity to neighbourhoods such as Kuala Lumpur, Mont Kiara and Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Even with such close proximity, Damansara Heights does not have the density of other neighbourhoods.

Damansara Heights is also a place where prestige and convenience converge. The neighbourhood is complete with trendy retail and dining options, offering accessibility for all your needs. Although revitalisation has taken place in this mature neighbourhood its personality still remains the same: a hilltop neighbourhood with lush greenery rich with upmarket retail selections for its inhabitants.

Adding to the allure of Damansara Heights is Selangor Properties’ crown jewel, AIRA Residence, situated at the prestigious No. 8, Jalan Batai address. AIRA Residence is Selangor Properties’ exemplar of luxury living. With a hilltop location, this exclusive condominium commands spectacular views of the Kuala Lumpur, Mont Kiara and Petaling Jaya city skyline.

A team of award-winning international designers orchestrated AIRA Residence to bring the art of luxury living to life. With designers such as Piet Boon of Studio Piet Boon, landscape designer Franklin Po of Tierra Design and Alen Nikolovski the Executive Principal of AEDAS who spearheaded the architectural design, the design reflects Selangor Properties’ meticulous attention to detail, incorporating the finest finishes and the highest quality materials. A further testament to AIRA Residence’s “art of luxury living” is the uniquely tailored facilities and common areas within this exclusive condominium to enrich each resident’s living experience.

Selangor Properties’ development of AIRA Residence features “a level of sophistication and refinement hardly seen in Kuala Lumpur,” as said by Zeirin Properties’ Previndran Singhe, making it an unmissable opportunity for the property investor.

Unlike other luxury condominiums, Selangor Properties is offering its Prosperity Investment Package for people who are looking to secure a home in the exclusive AIRA Residence but who are not necessarily looking to settle in soon. With the Prosperity Investment Package, you can purchase a fully furnished and elegantly styled home in Tower B, facing the Mont Kiara neighbourhood. Aside from the opportunity to secure a home in this once-in-a-generation development, the team at Selangor Properties will then secure carefully selected tenants and handle the administrative matters on your behalf making this an even more lucrative investment.

In Tower B, there are only 4 units on each floor and each apartment is designed to be a corner unit that delights in the cooling hill-top cross breezes and panoramic views. Each unit is designed with an open floor plan concept with clean spatial lines from the dining room and kitchen area, looking into the sunken living room which overlooks the unimpeded view of the city skyline.

For the aspiring gourmet chef and fond entertainer, the built-in kitchen provides you with the opportunity to do both at once. The kitchen comes with built-in appliances, creating sleek lines without compromising the space and functionality, a thoughtful design feature of this exclusive condominium.

Adding to the spaciousness of the unit is the sunken living room which gives you the extended floor-to-ceiling height for a more luxurious living experience. The step-down design defines separate living spaces without sacrificing the seamlessness between each space. Undoubtedly, it creates a cosy space perfect for intimate entertaining in this exclusive condominium. While separate from the rest of the living space, it is not isolated.

The living room opens up to the balcony where you can enjoy indulgent hours of sunshine as you sip your morning coffee. You won’t have to venture far to enjoy spectacular views of the city skyline, a perfect backdrop which defines living in the sky.

As for the private living areas, the units in Tower B of AIRA Residence have three rooms: a master bedroom and two bedrooms, one of which is made into a study. Each of these rooms features full-length windows, making it wonderfully lit and evoking spaciousness for each private living area. Considering the evolution of a young family’s needs, each bedroom is convertible to suit their needs making it even more attractive for the young couple looking for a home in this Damansara Heights location.

Undoubtedly if you are seeking an investment opportunity in Damansara Heights, the one at AIRA Residence is unmissable. You will not have to worry about having your already purchased home sitting idly, not accumulating value be it from living in it or renting it out.

What makes the Prosperity Investment Package even better is that the ownership rights to the property will be retained by you while a dedicated award-winning property manager handles the administrative matters on your behalf. You will reap the benefits of secure financial returns amounting to 6% per annum on your investment in this exclusive condominium. This makes a rare investment opportunity, especially in a luxury property.

Experience living in the sky at AIRA Residence and contact 03 2727 7474.

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