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AIRA Residence Receives Commendation at 2023 PAM Awards

AIRA Residence; 8 Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

Selangor Properties and the dedicated team behind the remarkable AIRA Residence are proud to announce their triumphant reception of not one, but two commendations at this year's highly anticipated PAM Awards ceremony.

“This prestigious recognition by PAM is a welcome praise of the work contributed by the team of architects, designers and builders into the development of AIRA Residence. Moving forward, SPB will endeavour to continue applying the principles that gained us these meritorious awards to all our future projects,” said Brian Newman, Director of Property at Selangor Properties.

AIRA Residence is honoured to be awarded by Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM), also known as the Malaysian Institute of Architects. Congratulations to Environmental Design Practice, Grand Dynamic Builders and Selangor Properties for the PAM Award Commendation in the Multiple Residences (High Rise) category for Tower A, as well as the PAM Award Commendation in the Alteration & Addition category for Tower B.

PAM Awards is Malaysia’s premier award for architecture, started in 1990. The honour recognises architects, builders/contractors and clients/owners for their pursuits in architectural design excellence and advancement of quality built environment. It also promotes Malaysian architecture to the local and international public and records architectural achievements in the country. Awards are bestowed to the best projects that have been evaluated by peers in the industry. AIRA Residence is thankful to receive this distinction by PAM, among the 120 submissions received across 15 categories.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of PAM, a centennial milestone for the organisation, industry and profession. Founded in 1923 as the Institute of Architects Malaya, PAM promotes the advancement of architecture and the architectural profession for the betterment of society.

From left: Ar Abu Zarim bin Abu Bakar (President of PAM), Ms. Loretta Lim (Senior Manager, Grand Dynamic Builders Sdn Bhd), Ar Hue Chiun Hau (Director, Environmental Design Practice Sdn Bhd), Mr. Brian Newman (Director of Properties, Selangor Properties Sdn Bhd) and YB Tuan Nga Kor Ming (Minister of Local Government Development).

Environmental Design Practice, the architects behind AIRA Residence, were established in 1995 and focus on sustainability. True to its name, the environment is at the heart of the firm’s design approach, which is reflected in the innovative eco-friendly features of AIRA, such as the rain-harvesting and heat-limiting glazing systems.

From left: Ar Abu Zarim bin Abu Bakar (President of PAM), Ar Hue Chiun Hau (Director, Environmental Design Practice Sdn Bhd), Ar Dr Chua Caik Leng (Director, Environmental Design Practice Sdn Bhd)

The 17-storey Tower A was commended in the Multiple Residences (High Rise) category, with its modern façade and concrete and aluminium cladding. Tower B, commended in the Alteration & Addition category, was once known as SPB Tower and was one of the earliest high-rises developed in Damansara Heights. This is yet another example of Selangor Properties’s signature placemaking with other examples being The Five @ KPD (Kompleks Pejabat Damansara) and The Stories of Taman Tunku.

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