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AIRA: A Secret Revealed

The inspiration behind Selangor Properties’ exemplar of luxury living, AIRA Residence comes from the word “intrigue”. By definition, to intrigue is to arouse the curiosity or interest of anything new, unusual, or otherwise fascinating or compelling. These qualities speak of the very existence of AIRA, which is to create desire using the unknown.

Why does AIRA clothe itself in such an aura of mystery?

This is attributed to our brand mantra that absence equates to presence, an aura of mystery sparks intrigue.In a world where information is easily accessible and widely broadcast, the allure of mystery proves increasingly irresistible. Hence, we pride ourselves in being the secret that everyone seeks to pursue, but only few will understand. By definition we exclude, so that we can include those who truly appreciate the allure that AIRA speaks. It is through the above and what we do at AIRA that creates that desire, and to connect with our audience through intrigue.

Our Brand Colours:

Our brand colours come in the shades of AIRA Bronze and Charcoal Grey. Coats of glistening bronze acts as an accent that contrast the darker tones of grey, a complementary duo which you will find synonymous with the interior creative direction and materials used throughout and all over the building. All this is in line with our brand inspiration to arouse curiosity of those who would yearn to find a skyhome such as AIRA.

Since 2016

Selangor Properties has come a long way in making AIRA Residence a success. Today, it is all but a magnificent secret, now revealed. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing with you the philosophy and offerings that you can find within AIRA’s exquisite, customised, and timeless designs. With comfortable luxury living and international allure that will touch lives, AIRA Residence certainly represents a new pinnacle of luxury living that has much to offer to those who seek it.


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